About me

I live in the great city of Cambridge, working as a qualified automotive engineer.  This doesn’t mean I change oil and tyres.  Engineering is all about design.  At this point, people jump to the conclusion that I decide what shape the car should be and whether the headlights should be round.   For those that don’t know, engineering is the application of knowledge (eg. maths formulas, scientific discoveries) to create stuff for you and I to use everyday. Infact, my university course involved heavy use of maths as a tool for learning how things (cars) behave on planet earth.

However, I am now working with automotive software, isn’t it great that cars are now complex computers on wheels?  “Hmmm perhaps not… ” I hear you say.  Well despite a love for old cars with character, I do find working with current technology very fulfilling.

So, from a mechanical background in engineering, I find myself designing engine modelling software.  It seems that 4 years of university took its toll- if I am not struggling with a problem for at least 10 hours a day (both work and home) I get anxious, fidgety and irritable!

I also enjoy climbing, cycling and snowboarding.


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